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As commanded in the Great Commission, Matthew 28: 19-20, Oakwood Christian Church, since it first started in September 1978, set a goal to always support mission work both overseas and here in the United States. With that thought in mind, 10% of all tithes and offerings given to Oakwood goes to the mission field. We have 11 different missions that we support on a monthly basis as well as several missions that we support with one-time gifts. These one-time gifts go toward building projects as well as relief efforts after natural disasters (i.e. earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes). 

Missions Moment

Joshua One Ministries

Joshua One Ministries was started by Terry and Norma Hull in 1986. The mission of Joshua One is spreading the life-changing message of Jesus and calling Christians to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are doing this work in the U.S., Costa Rica, India, and wherever else the Lord leads us. The Hulls have been working for many years with about a dozen Christian churches throughout the Central American country of Costa Rica. They have taken teams of 10-20 volunteers to Costa Rica once or twice a year (except for 2020-2022) to do Biblical teaching, discipleship training, evangelistic support, Bibles, books, computers, medical clinics, and construction projects. They have sent out rented buses and provided funds for public transportation so their Christian friends in Costa Rica (about 125 Costa Rican believers consisting of pastors, church leaders, and the most active members of the dozen churches) can come to San Jose from all over the country for a day of Bible preaching and teaching, worship, and fellowship. Costa Rica 4 Christ (CR4C) provides everything such as the venue (usually a rented soccer field), the transportation, the meals, and the materials at these events. Those who attend love it! They need this kind of teaching, training, and encouragement from time to time. CR4C is planning on going back to Costa Rica in January, 2024.

Our Monthly Missions

We donate monthly to the ministries listed below. If you would like to learn more about any of the ministries and what they do click the link below the ministries logo to take you to their website. 

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