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How Christians Relate to the World


Titus 3:1-8

1) Remember how you relate in the world, particularly with respect to those outside the faith.

a) Be respectful of authority.

b) Do whatever is good.

Romans 16:19-20

c) Do not slander

d) Be peaceable, considerate, and gentle

2) Remember who you were before Christ and what changed in your life.

a) What we once were:

We were once foolish.

We were disobedient to God.

We were deceived.

We were enslaved by all types of worldly passions and pleasures.

We were full of malice, envy, and hatred.

b) What God did:

God saved us

God gave us the Holy Spirit

God gave us hope of eternal life.

1 John 5:11-12

3) Live the difference by devotion to doing good.

The only evidence the unsaved world has that we belong to Jesus is by the way we live our lives.

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